New Music for the piano
composed by

This  homepage refers to the music composed for the CD Eisregen – Ice Rain.

Sixteen of the pieces I composed for piano and two for saxophone.
The 18 compositions  were  initially notated in hand written form by the young Armenian pianist Shogher Hoveyan. The final professional editing and layout was completed by Alexander Engler ( In November 2019, the compositions were recorded in Hannover, Germany ( The music for the piano was played by Shogher Hoveyan on a Bösendorfer 280VC grand piano and the two saxophone pieces (Morning and Night Bird) were performed by Hayrapet Arakelyan (Soprano Saxophone) and Guerino Bellarosa (Baritone Saxophone), members of the saxophone quartet Signum ( Additionally, some of the piano pieces were recorded as music videos.  The German and English version of the CD Eisregen – Ice Rain, the notation booklet Eisregen – Ice Rain, as well as 16 MIDI files for electric piano can be ordererd via this webpage. Moreover, the web page provides the link to the music videos.

I hope that you will enjoy the music.

Jens Wiltfang


  1. Morning Bird – Intro (Saxophone)
  2. Ice Rain (Eisregen)
  3. Wintermorgen (Winter Morning)
    by Rainer Maria Rilke (1895), 2. Stanza:
    „The sun is kissing us. Lost in dreams, a tune in minor is swimming through the branches; and we walk onwards, all our pores filled with the powerful aroma of the morning.“
  4. Wish You Were Here
  5. Only You on My Mind
  6. Kleines Kinderlied (Little Children‘s Song)
  7. Just a Kiss (?)
  8. Hommage à Hannover-Linden
  9. Kleine Träumerei (Little Reverie)
  10. Farewell to Dad – Overcome Alzheimer‘s Dementia
  11. Bipolar
  12. Chill out in Berlin – Hotel Savoy
  13. Walking at Your Side – Pour Anne
  14. Love Can Hurt
  15. Losing a Friend
  16. Euphoria
  17. Blue Eyes
  18. Night Bird – Closing off (Saxophone)