The Composer

Jens Wiltfang

Jens Wiltfang was born in Pilsum (East Frisia, Germany) in 1959.

Today, he lives and works in Essen and Göttingen but has never lost his love for the rough coast of the North Sea.

Neuropsychiatrist and Brain Researcher

Jens Wiltfang studied medicine in Hannover and was a research fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for Experimental Medicine in Göttingen before completing his specialist training in Psychiatry & Psychotherapy as well as Neurology at the University Medical Faculty Göttingen (UMG). After tenures as professor in Erlangen and Essen, he returned to the UMG in Göttingen as director of the Clinic for Psychiatry & Psychotherapy as well as university professor. His research focuses on early diagnostics and therapy of Alzheimer‘s dementia.

Musical Autodidact

Jens Wiltfang learned how to play the piano from his music teacher Erhard Fischer in Emden, Ostfriesland. However, he abandoned his short classical training at the age of 18 and started improvising and composing on his own. Encouraged by his family, he decided to record selected compositions on a CD at the beginning of 2019. Being an autodidact, he found ideal support in the young Armenian pianist Shogher Hoveyan in Hannover, Germany, and both put 18 compositions in notation. In November 2019, Shogher Hoveyan recorded 16 of the 18 compositions for piano on a Bösendorfer 280VC grand piano at the recording studio Tessmar, Hannover. Two of the songs are composed for the saxophone and were interpreted by Hayrapet Arakelyan (Soprano-Saxophone) and Guerino Bellarosa (Baritone-Saxophone).

Jens Wiltfang says: „For more than 40 years, I was alone with my music; now, I am looking forward to sharing it with others. I consider this an adventure and a challenge at the same time.“